Lessons on The Journey: First Things

Warning: Potty-Talk ahead . . . watch where you step.

During or shortly after going through the big disconnect you find yourself “free” from the matrix, from the structures you had once been so much part of. In this exhilaration a wide range of possibilities begin to emerge and you find yourself faced with a plethora of options. A very natural tendency is run ahead with abandon and plunge into something that appears to resonate with you. Or, with equal zeal, you delve into building a “right model” of what you have perceived.

Might I suggest that when you feel those urges that you take a moment, breathe deep three times and pause. Maybe even take a cold shower. For what is coming to you is a mixture of things; mostly from the Matrix and your Ego that has been influenced by the system.

The best thing, the First Thing is to do . . . nothing.

Unplug. Enjoy the free Sundays (or whatever the “orthodox” holy day of gathering was). Sleep in, put down the Bible (or whatever your “holy” book is . . . or was) and read the Sunday comics section of the newspaper. Don’t go to any “religious” meetings, gatherings, conferences, revivals . . . Don’t “Do”. Just “Be”.

Do nothing. A prophetic friend of mine once uttered humorously that “There is ‘something’ in ‘nothing’”. Just let that sink in for a moment. Might I remind you of Elijah’s’ cave moment? We get scared of the silence. We do anything, ANYTHING to keep busy, to keep that noise going because we are scared shitless of quieting down and being in that silence. That Silence that says to us “Be Still. Be Still and Know. Be”.

Go for a walk in the woods or by the ocean. If you live in an urban setting then go to the park or go to the museum or a gallery. There’s a world out there of infinite diversity in infinite combinations. In each encounter The Divine has a grand revelation for you that will become visible as you open-up by not doing, just being. You will begin to see Yeshua in people and places that you would have never imagined or expected when in the RM.

This mode of “not doing” is a process. Give yourself Grace. If you find yourself getting “caught up” in the old habits of “do-do”, just relax and let it go. (Yes I know, a load of pun in that . . .). Speaking of “process”, which is what one also does when getting rid of the “do-do”; This is the natural way of getting rid of the waste (the toxins) that one does not need. A whole new paradigm of Detox on that. And that is what you will find as you learn to relax into just being. You start to detox. From the RM, the system . . . your Ego. The false expectations. The performance syndrome. A whole load of crap.

Next time I will unpack a little bit more on “How you leave your current place/situation/paradigm will influence how you enter the next”. And if there is time, start to look at another process called “deconstruction”. Don’t panic! 

Relax, breathe and do nothing.

Remember: There is something in nothing.


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