Lessons on The Journey: Detox Part 1

As with many aspects of the Journey, the one of Detox is an on-going process. I suspect it is one that will last my entire life. I’m o.k. with that . . . mostly.

As it is such a big topic, I will be doing it in parts in the attempt to do it justice. I am not the first to do so, and where I can I will share links to those who have also touched on the subject. I much appreciate the perspectives they bring to the conversation.

As such, I would like to start out with a quote from my friend Martin Scott. I met Martin many years ago when I was in a particular paradigm of the RM. Martin is one of those people who can easily move between and in/out of traditional and not-so-traditional realms of ekklesia. His is one of the few prophetic voices I pay attention to. Back in the early days of the beginning of my Big Disconnect from the RM,  Martin started a series called Transitions. You can start Here and glean what you can.

One of the first things that Martin shared that struck a very deep chord within me was this: “How you leave your current situation determines how you enter your next situation”

And when you are in the Big Disconnect and starting to Detox this is VERY IMPORTANT to remember. Because when you are detoxing you are eliminating waste from your system. Not only the poison from the wounds, misuse and abuse you received at the hands of the RM. But also from your own crap and what you put forth whilst in the system. In Detox you start to deal with your Ego, the false self, the shadow (Jungian paradigm here). I call it the “cringe” factor. The stuff that makes you want to “Have another beer and a second banana-nut muffin” as Brené Brown says. (Yes, she’s another source I’ll quote from time to time an link).

In this there will be some dark times on this road. It can be daunting at times. Even painful. But Jung said learning to embrace our shadow is a good thing. If you can’t handle that maybe Teresa of Avila “Interior Castle” metaphor will work for you. Or Young’s “The Shack”. You will eventually be able to relax in the dark, embracing your shadow. Because you will come to find that you are not alone. Yeshua is there with you right smack-dab in the middle of it all. Helping with the detox. Bringing healing.

“Where can I go from you oh Lord? Even if I go down to lowest depths (where there is no light) Lo, there You are. The night is as day to You.”

Shalom on The Journey. There are many who walk with you . . .


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