Lessons on The Journey: The Big Disconnect

This is the first in the series of “Lessons on the Journey” which is based on my experiences, lessons learned and battles fought in my escape from the RM (Religious Matrix). It is not a railing accusation against ekklesia, worship, fellowship or anything such as that. It is a frank and OPEN sharing of my journey. It is a tale of a spiritual maturing, one that has been defined as the transformation from Confident Arrogance to that of Thoughtfully Uncertain.

You are invited to comment in the spirit of Love, Grace and Respect. This does not necessarily mean that you have to agree. I believe that we can agree to disagree and not sacrifice relationship nor civility.

The Big Disconnect

Like leaving home for the first time, going off to a far away city that you have never been to before. Like taking an unexplored path for the first time. Like a roller coaster ride that makes you question your sanity. Like all those crazy stories and movies you’ve ever read or seen where the main character wakes up to find that the world that they had know had somehow mysteriously dissolved and they have truly, truly gone over the rainbow, through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole. This and so much more was what I’ve experienced in “The Big Disconnect”, the journey away from the box of religious performance, the systematic and “organized” RM that always demands more perfromance, more doing, more sacrifice. More, more, more. All the while using GSF (Guilt, Shame & Fear), all be it most of the time subtely, to get you to do “the more”. All the while, sucking the life out of you. It substitutes Formula for Faith, Rules for Relationship and Dogma for Dynamic Spirituality.

This is where the ride begins, the descent into the rabbit hole and the crossing of the threshold in the wardrobe into that other world. Once you start, you cannot turn back. You won’t really want to, though at time you will have to battle those ghosts who want to call you back. Be ye warned.  Blue pill, Red pill. It’s your choice.


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