Dancing in the Room of Grace Part 3

“Two Step”

It was then that I looked and saw that the room had expanded. What was a banquet room was now a banquet room PLUS a good sized dance floor. The floor itself was just not plain hardwood. It was covered with an intricate pattern that could not be described verbally, only experienced. As I looked upon it, I was drawn inexplicably to it. It was inviting. It’s mysteriousness posed some concern upon me. Yet it exuded a warmth . . . a promise that was both irresistible and yet allowed for choice. I found myself walking towards the floor. The sight of the pattern became too much for me, straining my eyes.

“Slowly my friend. Don’t try to take in too much all at once.” He said to me.

Indeed, trying to grasp it all brought about a certain sense of fear. Rather, there was something from within myself that the fear emanated from. What ever it was, it was the same thing that kept pulling my mind back to the presence of my suitcase. But as I let go of trying to grasp it all and just listened to His voice, the sense of being overwhelmed  faded. The room seemed no longer threatening and the weight of the suitcase (which I always seemed to be carrying) became less tangible.

“Don’t forget to breathe. Breathing is resonant with Life. It is how life began and it is how life continues. Breath of Life is the Spirit.”

I became aware, thanks to His Word, that I was holding my breath. I began breathing, taking deep and long breaths, relaxing and letting go. With each breath my energy seemed to fill and expand my awareness, my focus. It seemed as though the room itself was alive with breath, energy . . . Spirit. It was then I began to notice a soft, faint sound of music coming from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. It was a music that had singing, yet without words. Of Being. I found that my body had begun to sway with the music. The singing-without-words causing a vibration within myself. I let myself go and began to dance with abandon. Without effort. I twirled! I leapt! Breath flowed in and out of me, through me and all around me. None of my prior experiences could compare with what I was now experiencing. This was LIFE! It was like going from a two dimensional state to a three dimensional stae of being. The room transformed around me and now I was in a wide, open field alive with plants, trees . . . everything was alive and resonated with the breath, the music . . . the singing-without-words. I found that I was not dancing alone. He who had been speaking to me now held me, dancing with me and guiding me in the dance. It was exhilarating! He threw his head back and laughed. He continued to lead in the dance and yet never forced anything. It was both free and yet guided, guided but yet free.

We danced through meadows. We danced alongside streams. We came near to a mountain, a stream flowing from it. At one point the stream came over a sharp edge of a drop on the mountain and became a beautiful waterfall. As we came nearer I could hear that that part of the music and singing-without-words came from the waterfall. The water was so pure, so clear that it appeared as glass. In fact, it reflected all that was around it, including He who held and led me in the dance. And in that reflection I saw that I was dressed in the clothes that I had seen in the portrait.

“See! I told you!” He laughed out to me. “Behold, I make all things new!” With this He laughed again as He gave me a twirl. “Don’t you just Love this room?” He asked.

Room? Room! ? !


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