Journey, Paradigms and Story

Ah, let’s see; where do I put this????

You see, the problem is that I have three “categories” here; Journey, Paradigm and Story. So where does this post go? But then again, it may be casual to the most obvious observer that “Journey” and “Paradigm” are just different facets of “Story” . . .

“Journey” is the place I will most likely post things I have learned “on the way” following Yeshua. It will include the sharings of other journey-mates I have met on the pilgrimage.

“Paradigms~Perspectives” I’ve included to reflect the diversity of those listed in the “Paradigm” section of my links. These folks may stretch your paradigm a bit, but that is good. For if we close-down and stop listening, we may miss something important for The Journey. I have found that Papa has tweaked my perspectives when I have “been still” and listened to the views of others.

“Story” all of the above and more. For I firmly believe that Yeshua is the author  and finisher of our Faith. Not only is He the Author, but He is the only Author who has written himself into our stories and us into His Story.

And He knows no boundaries . . .


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