Dancing in the Room of Grace Part 1

How you come to this room is another story . . .

You enter the room. Before you is the most extravagant banquet table that you have ever seen. Beautifully arranged, the settings made of the finest materials, masterfully crafted.

The very atmosphere of the room resonates with the most profound sense of Love, Peace and Joy.

To the right from where you stand is an ornate plaque upon the wall. Upon it’s polished ebony surface you read the engraving on it”

“Welcome to the Room of Grace. Everything here is completely yours. Anything that you will ever have need of has been provided. You need not want of anything nor concern yourself about provision. Love has provided all.”

It is then that you notice that there is a banner suspended above the banquet table. Upon it’s silken cloth is one word, it’s huge letters in crimson.  The word is


Your eyes are drawn past the end of the banquet table to the other end of the room. There upon an easel is a portrait. As you draw nearer you can see that it is a portrait of you. In the picture your attire is of the finest quality. In it your countenance radiates with such complete wholeness: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. One could say that you “glowed”.

At the bottom of the picture is affixed a small gold plaque. Engraved upon it these words:

“This is how I see you. This is how I made you to be.”


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