Ready for the Conversation

Ready for the Conversation?
Following is the story . . .
On one occasion I was having a conversation with an acquaintance of mine about Ekklesia outside the box and about it all being about relationship and not religion. He wasn’t quite ready for this conversation, but in my exuberance I ignored the tell-tale signs and pressed on. Finally the conversation reached the limit of his Matrix-bound mind-set and he blurted out (along with a growing “Deer in the headlights” look):
“But what about Accountability!!!!????!!!!”.  (Which is a topic for a whole other conversation).
My “inner-observer” had been eves-dropping in on the whole thing and I began to realize at that point that my friend wasn’t “getting it”. He wasn’t ready for the conversation. Later I give him my e-mail address should he wish to pursue the conversation. I still haven’t heard from him . . .
I’ve learned to listen for that still, quiet voice that whispers to me when it’s time to have the conversation and when to refrain.

3 thoughts on “Ready for the Conversation

  1. My dear Ragamuffin

    I so heartily agree with your observations regarding readiness.

    A lovely Christian lady on FB recently purchased my book The Prodigal Prophet and read it only to be deeply disturbed that I’d left the traditional Christian worldview, including folk being in hell and being under authority etc, suggesting that I was trying to start a new religion.

    Twenty five years ago I would have agreed with her in my evangelical zeal. Today I’m light years from that position but love Yeshua more than ever. I bless her for kindly buying the book and not crucifying it on her blog but I guess we are at different stages on our individual journeys.

    Won’t we have plenty to laugh about in the next life!

  2. Dylan,
    Many thanks. It is all about learning to live in Papa’s Love and learning to Love others without agenda. Sometimes that can be a stretch.
    The Journey of being Transformed by His Love is a process.
    I “am learning” to appreciate the different stages that each individual is on. It is specially pleasant when those who disagree with our paradigms do so with Love and Grace. As a friend of mine once said; “let us agree to disagree and not sacrifice relationship.”

    Congrats on being the first person to post a comment on my new blog!
    This is my first foray into the WordPress sphere. The focus here will be slightly different than my pioneerseer blog

    Shalom on The Journey.

  3. Wol

    Lovely to make contact. Yes the refusal to enter the mimetic rivalry of doctrinal fighting is a sign of the beginning of spiritual growth. Detaching from such activity is a painful but necessary one for an ex-religious junkie like myself.

    Great to be first to comment here. May you have zillions of visitors from the land of religious/spiritual cyberspace.


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